Kind Kitchen was born in 2019 with the purpose of proving that it is possible to have a surprising gastronomic experience without animal products, thus making vegan eating closer to the general public. We want to change the perception about vegan food, at the same time that we contribute with a positive impact on animal welfare and the planet.

Be Kind to Every Kind


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We started our adventure in a small place on Rua do Bonjardim, and in April 2023, we moved to a larger space on Rua de Ceuta. We are right in downtown Porto, and in our new home, we have more space to welcome everyone who visits us and to work even better on creating new proposals and improving the overall experience of our customers. We are a pet-friendly space, so furry friends are also welcome.

In our kitchen all ingredients used are plant based. We work with fresh, quality products and have the most artisanal approach when making our recipes. We are inspired by the cuisine of various cultures, and rely on a young and innovative work dynamic to create delicious and unpretentious dishes that vary from the traditional concepts.
We like color, texture and especially flavor, and we want our food to be the highlight of the experience of those who visit us.

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